Upgrading Your Air Conditioner Thermostat
Upgrading Your Air Conditioner Thermostat Fox Heating and Cooling Denver air conditioner service and repair

Upgrading Your Air Conditioner Thermostat

Air conditioning systems are meant to last for a long time. With proper usage and maintenance, homeowners can expect their air conditioning system to last well beyond 15 years! In fact, some air conditioning units can last anywhere from 20 – 25 years. The longevity of this appliance is great because these systems are a sizable investment for any home. But with such a long lifespan, some technology and improvements for the unit are going to be needed. For example, your air conditioner thermostat. Twenty-some years ago, smart technology wasn’t a consumer everyday item! Even LCD screens were not available for some air conditioning thermostats! A lot of modern-day conveniences have been discovered across two decades which might lead to your air conditioner unit working just fine but the tech driving it is lacking. Is that the case for your home? Should you be upgrading your air conditioner’s thermostat?

How important is a thermostat?

Considering the thermostat is the interface between you and your air conditioner, pretty darn important. Your air conditioner thermostat controls nearly every part of your HVAC system. This includes the controls for fan speeds, compressors, gas burners, and more. Essentially, the thermostat is the control center for your home’s HVAC. In addition to that amount of control, your thermostat should be able to tell about any malfunctions or service requirements that are needed.

Can your thermostat do that?

If your air conditioner thermostat is still using a dial or needle for its main control, you might need to upgrade. But there are other reasons to replace your current thermostat new or old.

  • Your thermostat is malfunctioning
  • Your thermostat can’t tell you accurate temperature readings
  • Your thermostat doesn’t control your HVAC on demand


All of those items should be the bare minimum requirement of your thermostat. If your HVAC system cannot do those things, then it might be time to consider replacing it. If you have an outdated model, you may be sacrificing efficiency and comfort for no reason. Models that use a dial or slider just do not give you the same amount of control and precision as a modern digital thermostat. So, you are going to be wasting energy (and money) all the time with one of these models. Additionally, outdated thermostats may not play nice with newer HVAC units. So, if you have updates or replacements installed in other parts of your HVAC system, you might find yourself with even more problems with energy loss thanks to a faulty or poorly calibrated thermostat.

Digital or Smart Technology Air Conditioner Thermostats

If you decided to upgrade your thermostat, the next step is to decide which model is best for you. At the very basic level, upgrading to a digital model can help you get more precise temperature control. Not only will more precise settings help you save on energy costs, but you will be more comfortable too. Additional upgrades to consider include:

  • Smart Device: A step above the basic digital thermostat is the smart option. These models allow you to set temperatures in advance for different times and access user data that can help you understand your energy bills and cut down on costs.
  • WiFi Enabled: Some smart thermostats also give remote control options. The most common is Wi-Fi control, which allows you to control your temperature from anywhere you have an internet connection, even on your phone.

DIY Thermostat or Call Fox

Installing a new thermostat used to be fairly straightforward. But with the increase in technology and specific applications, they can be tricky to connect. Performing a DIY installation of a new thermostat is a small job for your home’s HVAC system. But if you have any doubts about the type, model, and steps to completing the task – call us at Fox Heating and Cooling. We will give you the absolute best and perfect thermostat for your home and needs. Or installation for these HVAC service repairs and calls is quick and efficient. Or if you have general inquiries about where to start, feel free to reach out anytime!

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