How To Transition Your Heating and Air conditioning Denver
How To Transition Your Heating and Air Conditioning Denver Summer Colorado Air Conditioning Fox Heating and Cooling Denver

How To Transition Your Heating and Air conditioning Denver

The warmer seasons are ahead of us now as June starts to roll out following this Memorial Day. Are you ready to transition your heating and air conditioning Denver? Don’t wait too long or else you might be stuck with a system that might not run properly when you need it most. But before you flip the switch and dial back the heat on your air conditioning unit make sure to take some time to ensure your systems are working properly.

Prepare your air conditioning

Heating and air conditioning Denver can provide some unique timing due to interesting weather conditions. This makes it tricky to predict when you will need your air conditioning for a good portion of the day. We typically see these warmer days around May and June as you never know if we will have that infamous second winter during spring time. That means we are now in the best time to inspect our a/c units to make sure that everything is up to standards. Take this time to

How To Transition Your Heating and Air Conditioning Denver Summer Colorado

Cleaning your air conditioner

In a previous post, we have discussed that regularly scheduling maintenance on your HVAC system is important to keep it functional. This includes:

  • Clearing Debris
  • Checking and Filling Lubricants
  • Performing small repairs
  • Replacing older parts
  • Checking connections
  • Checking and cleaning drain lines

You can consider all of these a handy checklist of what goes into cleaning your air conditioning unit in time for the Summer weather. While we encourage you as a homeowner to be aware of your hvac systems health, if you are stretched for time or need a professional opinion Fox Heating and Cooling is always available to help! As a general rule of thumb, you should have your HVAC systems serviced about two times a year. One service is for now, between Spring and Summer, and the other is between Fall and Winter. 

Check your Air Conditioning Filter

One easy and simple maintenance you as a homeowner can perform is checking the status of your air filter. Dust, debris, and all sorts of other things can be caught up in the filter and vents making it so when you turn on your a/c for the first time your home and residents are exposed to dirty air. Do yourself a favor and check on the air filter that is located on your HVAC system. While every system is different, a large floor level vent is a good place to start searching as that should house the filter. If you need a professional to take a look for it Fox Heating and Cooling is more than happy to provide a comprehensive air conditioning tune up service for you.

Inspect the air conditioning refrigerant lines.

Traditionally, there should be two refrigerant lines running from the outdoor unit to the indoor air handler of your system. The suction line is a large copper pipe over the outside unit. This line is responsible for bringing cool refrigerant back to the compressor of the outdoor unit. The suction line is the line that should be insulated or have a thick foam cover around the line. Be sure to check the connections of both of these lines as well as the condition of them. If your a/c is running and no cool air is being supplied – a quick check to make sure the suction line will help isolate any problem. The suction line should be cool to the touch after about a minute of operation.

How To Transition Your Heating and Air Conditioning Denver Summer Colorado Air Conditioning

If you face any issues, turn off your system.

When you first run your system after an extended time off, do not just leave it alone. Stay around and inspect the quality of air you are receiving from the unit in all areas of your home. If the air does not feel cool or there is no air at all, it is safe to assume something is amiss with your air conditioning. Make sure to turn off your system via the thermostat and refer to the checklist provided above. Inspect every element of your hvac system to make sure nothing is out of place. If the problem persists it is wise to contact your HVAC contractor for a diagnostic on the system.

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