Denver just recorded the 5th hottest day ever, is your home’s air conditioner ready?
Fox Heating and Cooling Denver Record High Temperature 2022 is your air conditioner ready?

Denver just recorded the 5th hottest day ever, is your home’s air conditioner ready?

Coming from Fox 31 (KDVR), Denver just recorded the 5th hottest day in its history. It has been a hot summer for Denver so far and taking a look at the statistics that are very apparent. Summer 2022 has already broken two record high temperatures from July 9th and July 18th. On Monday, the average air temperature stayed a sweltering 86 degrees beating its typical. And it is prudent to be reminded that there is still plenty of summers left with two months of potentially hot temperatures. With that in mind, is your home’s air conditioner up to the task?

Your home’s air conditioner might need a tune-up

If the latest record temps have been less than bearable even throughout the brief relief of night then you might need some air conditioner services. This is the time of the year when homeowners can tell if their home’s air conditioner is having problems the most. If one part or element of their cooling system is struggling then the overall air comfort will be compromised. Fox Heating and Cooling will always advocate for homeowners to give their home’s air conditioner a simple inspection. This includes inspecting the air conditioner’s filters, vents, and grates. Dust, debris, and other particles like hair can obstruct the flow of air which greatly impacts its performance. The technical term for this concern is in regards to an HVAC system’s static pressure. Static pressure is the force required to be exerted to reach equilibrium with the system to provide optimum airflow. In short, if the static pressure is too low then there will be less cool air moving throughout your home.

In addition, checking all the air conditioning unit’s lines and connections is a task homeowner can do. Keep an eye out for leaks or signs of water coming from your ac and its connections, as this might be a sign of clogged condensate lines. If all of those still seem to be in good working order, homeowners will need to contact their preferred HVAC contractor for service.

Example of air conditioner needing service clean ac filter denver colorado

Example of an air conditioner in need of servicing. Cleaning the unit itself will provide a large boost in efficiency and cooling power.


Is a window ac enough or do I need an air conditioner unit?

While this answer can be left entirely to the homeowner’s comfort preferences, a window ac can only cool a few hundred square feet of space. A window ac that is too small will struggle with keeping a room at a comfortable temperature. Some Denver homes will also have older or plain smaller windows than others which will lead to limitations on the size of windows ac a room can have. Cooling performance is based on British Thermal Units or BTUs, the same for any air conditioning device. For a bedroom or home office between 100 to 250 square feet, a window ac with a BTU of 5,000 – 6,000 should suffice. 250 to 350 square feet will require BTU of 7,000 – 8,000 and 350 to 550 square feet will need BTU of 9,800 to 12,500. The general rule of thumb is that 20 BTU is needed per square foot of living space. Now if you have vaulted ceilings or a lot of walls obstructing air circulation, a window ac might not provide the desired effects for a home. If a window ac is not performing enough to keep your home cool this summer contact Fox. Fox Heating and Cooling will provide you with a free consultation and estimate that will identify your home’s needs and lay out a more efficient solution. 

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