Back To School HVAC Service Checklist
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Back To School HVAC Service Checklist

Summer vacation is wrapping up and for many Denver families, it already has. But the hot days and Summer heat are far from over. Which begs the question, how should you check in on your HVAC service now that the kids are out of the house For most families, children won’t be around the house now that school is back in session, which means the daily schedules and routines are going to affect your home’s HVAC service needs. Your HVAC system will be working differently as a result, and this is a great time to put together a checklist to make sure everything is taken care of (just like one of those school supplies checklists).

Set a new thermostat schedule for your HVAC service

During Summer Vacation, chances are the kids were home during the day or at least for most of the day. That also meant the thermostat for the HVAC service was running nearly constant to keep the kiddos cool as they play. Now with the children going back to school, there is no need for the air conditioning to be running that much. This is great because your home will save a lot on energy usage and hopefully utility bills. 

Using a programmable thermostat, it is easy to schedule during the weekdays a higher resting temperature when nobody is at the house. Even better, you can also schedule the thermostat to crank on the air conditioning at the right time for when everybody gets back home. Overall, the usage of your HVAC service will see a significant reduction and benefit the longevity of your system.

Check your HVAC Service Filters

Kids make a mess, along with every other member of the family (including the furry children). With an extended stay indoors over the course of the Summer, there is a change a little bit more dust and grime have built up in the house. While the Fall cleaning spree time isn’t here just yet, you can imagine just how dirty the house has gotten. This also includes the venting, ducts, and filters of the HVAC system in your house.

Air filters for your home’s HVAC service have an important role in protecting not only your family’s lungs but also your HVAC’s internal systems. When debris and dust collection inside the HVAC unit, a number of components can be affected. All of these components work together closely and when one fails it can cause stress to the others creating more costly repair.

Fox Heating and Cooling always suggest homeowners take the initiative on simple maintenance and preventative measure for their HVAC service. Changing out the HVAC service filters is one of the easiest items on that list. However, if you need any help finding these filters and becoming more acquainted with your HVAC service – please contact Fox any time for an HVAC service visit.

Clean and Check the outside HVAC Service Unit

While the inside of your HVAC service is important, the outside unit is the one doing most of the heavy lifting. Take a minute to go around the house and check on the condition of the unit. Summer storms can be sudden and epic here in Denver, Colorado. All sorts of debris can collect on top and around the HVAC unit. Make sure to clear the area so the unit can easily function without interference. While you are at it, make sure to check the connections of the hose coming from the unit to your house. If anything seems out of place, just give us a quick call to schedule an appointment.

Clean the HVAC service coils 

If you are feeling particularly handy, another thing you can do to check off this back-to-school list is by checking the coils. Your HVAC service has both a condenser coil and an evaporative coil. Falling back to the concert of changing out air filters, if your HVAC service has been moving around a bunch of dirt and debris those coils might need some cleaning. Simply make sure the HVAC system is turned off AND disconnected. Then wipe those coils down till they are clear. This should help with any loss of cooling power, in fact, if your HVAC has been blowing warmer air than usual this checklist item might be the solution you are looking for.

When in doubt call Fox Heating and Cooling

Of course, not everybody has time to service their own HVAC system especially when this time rolls around when you have to wrangle the kids to and from school. Fox Heating and Cooling is here for the Denver Metro Area families to provide the best HVAC contractor services possible. Please feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or our lead form to get an immediate service scheduled.

Example of an air conditioner in need of servicing. Cleaning the unit itself will provide a large boost in efficiency and cooling power.

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