What does HVAC stand for?
what does HVAC stand for Fox Heating and Cooling Denver Wheat Ridge HVAC contractor

What does HVAC stand for?

HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Aside from fixing things, HVAC contractors also provide other services related to the air quality and airflow in a home. If you have a question about the air in your house, you can contact an experienced HVAC contractor like Fox Heating and Cooling.

That’s right a licensed professional is more than a triple threat! HVAC contractors just like Fox Heating and Cooling can service, repair, or install anything that is heating, ventilation, or air conditioning. Read a little more about the various services that fall under the umbrella of HVAC and how HVAC contractors handle the job to the benefit of your home or business. 

Heating Services

Heating services can vary from one company to another, as there are many different ways a home or business can be heated. Some companies only offer certain types of services, such as radiant heating or electric heating. While others call themselves full-service, which means they offer all types of services. Usually, an HVAC company will provide various services such as furnace installation, furnace repairs, and furnace maintenance. 

Most of the time, the services that an HVAC professional provides are related to repairs and maintenance. The steps that the professionals take to perform a repair on a heating system vary depending on the issue.

As found in this article here is just a simple list of heating services:

  • Air filter replacement
  • Igniter or pilot light inspection
  • Burner adjustment 
  • Inspection of heat exchanger
  • Inspection of the gas supply line and gas pressure
  • Wiring inspection and adjustment
  • Air duct inspection and airflow
  • Additional safety checks
  • Efficiency grading

Ventilation Services

One of the most misunderstood services offered by HVAC companies is air ventilation. This is a type of service that ensures that the home’s air quality and airflow are maintained at their peak efficiency. Without this service, the air conditioning and heating systems would not function properly, and the homeowner would have to spend more money on repairs.

Air duct cleaning is the common ventilation service that HVAC contractors offer. In fact, it is recommended homeowners clean their air ducts out at least once a year. This is the best way to keep the home fresh and efficient. Oftentimes, homeowners can work with HVAC contractors that bundle this service with seasonal maintenance services. 

Air Conditioning Services

Besides providing heating and ventilation services, HVAC contractors also offer air conditioning services. These are similar to the services offered by HVAC companies. Most of these companies provide various types of air conditioning services, such as ac repairs, ac maintenance, and air conditioning installations. Fox Heating and Cooling offer all of these services as well.

Here are some common services related to air conditioning:

  • Thermostat installation and calibration
  • Air Conditioner inspection
  • Air Filter 
  • Inspection of connections
  • Efficiency check
  • Refrigerant check

Fox Heating and Cooling Offering Excellent Service

Now you are up to speed, HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Fox Heating and Cooling offer services for repairs, installs, and maintenance as a great option to be a Wheat Ridge HVAC Contractor. If you suspect you need professional HVAC contractor help, contact Fox today for a free consult.

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