Starting Your Furnace After Summer
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Starting Your Furnace After Summer

The temperature is swinging here in Colorado as warm days quickly turn brisk cold nights. It’s no surprise here, as Colorado is higher in altitude, which translates to wilder temperature fluctuations. Your Denver home might be having some troubles now with the cooler weather as the daytime warmth doesn’t seem to carry on very long into the night. Thus, prompts you to start your furnace after Summer finally. But before you reach for the thermostat and flip the switch, Fox heating and cooling would like to make sure you are aware of some tips about starting your furnace after summer.

Change out your Furnace Filter

Filters, if there is anything to take away from your HVAC contractor’s advice it’s this; always change your air filters. Even furnaces have filters that need to be changed out annually at the latest. Air filters are the main element of the HVAC unit inside your home. As air blows throughout your home and ventilation, the filters collect dust and debris from recirculating. 

Pro tip: If you ever noticed your home requiring more frequent cleaning and dusting, make sure you change out the air filters of your HVAC system!

Your home’s furnace has not been used for the last six months or so, there is a very good chance the air filter needs to be replaced. Take the time before starting your furnace after summer to change your existing furnace filter. This way you can guarantee your home will have high-quality, clean, and comfortable air.

Check your carbon monoxide alarm

Heating your home throughout the winter months will be a demanding task and your furnace will be operating off of gas constantly to complete it. Therefore, it is a good practice to inspect and test your carbon monoxide alarms wherever they are in your home. And since your will be starting your furnace after summer which would have given your furnace plenty of time to develop a problem you are not yet aware of, a working carbon monoxide alarm will let you immediately if anything is amiss. As a reminder, carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can be very dangerous in unventilated homes. 

Turn and text the carbon monoxide alarm to confirm its functionality. Replace batteries and if need be replace the entire unit.

Clean the burners of your furnace

During the summer months, your furnace will have been dormant as your air conditioning unit was active. The circulation from the air conditioner will have undoubtedly moved dust and debris throughout the air. The furnace not being on for some time will have collected some of this dust and debris. One of the best things to do before starting your furnace after summer is to clean your furnace’s burners.

Make sure to turn off the furnace or confirm the furnace is off. Also, shut off the gas valve as an additional precaution for safety. Simply clean your burners with a washcloth or vacuum.

Schedule a Furnace Maintenance Appointment

Although you may do an excellent job caring for your furnace, you may miss a few underlying issues that only professionals can identify. To prolong your system’s lifespan, you should schedule furnace maintenance at least once a year.

On average, it costs $50 to $100 to have your furnace serviced. Consistent maintenance will keep repair costs down and your family toasty during the winter.

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