Is an AC Tune-Up Worth the Money?
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Is an AC Tune-Up Worth the Money?


  • AC tune-ups are designed to extend or preserve the expected life of your home’s air conditioning system. 
  • AC tune-ups will provide valuable efficiencies that will translate to cheaper energy bills compared to unserviced air conditioners.
  • Springtime is the best time to perform an AC tune-up and other air conditioning maintenance.
  • AC repairs and complete AC installation as a replacement can be costly.

AC Tune-up Basics

Fox Heating and Cooling are always trying to help homeowners be preemptive on their air conditioning needs. This means informing them about proper maintenance and care for the ac units and systems. Fortunately, air conditioners only need an annual check-up as long as nothing else is running amiss, we call these ac tune-ups. Here are some of the things you can expect with an ac tune-up:


  • Clean Air Filters
  • Check motors, fans, and belts
  • Check connections, vents, and ducts.
  • Check Coolant Level
  • Check Electronics (thermostat)
  • Clean coils and unblock debris


During this ac tune-up, an HVAC professional like Fox Heating and Cooling will perform a series of general maintenance procedures for your HVAC system including inspecting specific components. Your HVAC system is a complex system that can be found both inside and outside your home. Fox Heating and Cooling will check on all the motors, compressors, belts, and filters and make sure they are working properly and efficiently. Moreso, an ac tune-up will check the connections and refrigerant levels. This will make sure that the AC will provide the cooling power your home needs on-demand. And finally, our HVAC technicians will check all the ducting and vents, including the openings from outside. We will check to make sure no debris is blocking the airways or covering coils which would prevent them from doing their job.

AC Tune-Ups increase the life expectancy of the Air Conditioner.

As with anything worth keeping an eye on, performing regular maintenance on your home’s air conditioning unit with annual ac tune-ups will increase the length of the useful life of your air conditioner. A longer lifespan will prolong your machine, which in short will keep your homeowner away from a very costly replacement project. Installation air conditioning services wheat ridge can range anywhere from seven thousand to eighteen thousand dollars depending on the size and demand of your home. So in short, regularly taking care of your home’s ac through ac tune-ups is a worthwhile investment.

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