Springtime Air Conditioning Tune-Up
Fox Heating and Cooling Denver HVAC Air Conditioning Tune-up Wheat Ridge

Springtime Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Fox Heating and Cooling Denver HVAC Air Conditioning Tune-up Wheat Ridge

Even though the weather might suggest otherwise, it might be time to consider getting an air conditioning tune-up before the warmer months.

Here in Colorado, Springtime is very sporadic in terms of weather and climate. The official start of Spring is March 20th but the many Denver Metro Area neighborhoods are still experiencing snow and morning frost. However, moments of sunshine pop infrequently throughout the week to remind us all that warmer weather is on the way. Even just recently, Denver residents saw 60-degree weather with bright sunshine for three days straight; only to be brought back to gaining a couple of inches of snow the next day. What we are getting at is, with Denver, you don’t know when the weather will finally switch to being hot all the time. And if you wait until then to schedule your service you might be subjected to unnecessary delays in getting comfortable air conditioning in your home.

Do I Need A Tune-Up For My Air Conditioning Unit?

An air conditioning tune-up is a straightforward service that is not invasive but necessary to keep your unit running efficiently. Professionals, just like Fox Heating and Cooling, recommend homeowners to schedule an annual 12-month air conditioning tune-up for their homes. An air conditioner is a huge investment in a home and a valued asset to your family’s comfort. It is best to schedule an AC tune-up during the spring. An Air Conditioning tune-up is beneficial for these reasons:

  • Heating and cooling technicians are given an opportunity to inspect your HVAC systems to catch minor issues that could be affecting efficiency or possible failures.
  • It allows heating and cooling technicians to visit your home in the Spring before the ‘busy’ summer season starts, ensuring your home will get the care it needs.
  • An air conditioning tune-up gives your unit better temperature control and higher quality comfort.
  • An air conditioning tune-up can help reduce future repair costs
  • An air conditioning tune-up can increase the lifespan of your unit and helps keep some units within their warranty agreement

While it might seem hard to determine if your AC unit needs a tune-up, especially when Denver homes intermittently operate their ac during spring, this is the perfect time to pay attention. When Colorado gives the chance to turn on a unit on a sunny day, pay attention to your units:

  • Air quality and smell, if there is debris or dust coming out of registers or vents
  • Noises or other sounds, a unit in need of attention will have odd humming or clicking echoing throughout the vents and unit
  • Time, when it has been longer than a year since your last tune-up

Why Should I Schedule An Air Conditioning Tune-Up During Spring

Springtime may seem a little earlier to be considering turning on one’s air conditioning unit. But being preemptive on your home’s air conditioning service is a good practice. These inspections and tune-ups can help identify the state of your home air conditioning system, and if bigger problems arise, you will have time to have it handled before the heat really starts to go up in Summer. Also, summertime is a very busy time of the year for HVAC technicians and air conditioning manufacturers. Some homeowners might be stuck bearing with the high temps if their system goes out mid-summer from poor upkeep. All in all, it’s better to get these types of services out of the way and addressed sooner rather than later.

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