4 Reasons Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Has Poor Air Quality
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4 Reasons Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Has Poor Air Quality

4 reasons your home’s heating and cooling has poor air quality

Like many Americans, a home is a place where families spend most of their time. That is why it is important to consider how your home’s air quality is doing since you spend so much time there. It is important that the air you’re breathing is as high-quality as possible. Unfortunately, not all homes have the proper systems or solutions in place to provide proper air quality measures. If you or a family member are experiencing allergies or other physical ailments like sore throat etc. you may need a closer look into your heating and cooling.

Household Cleaning Supplies

Every home needs to be clean and to get the job done you may have a variety of household cleaning agents. While it’s all fine to use these according to their instructions, it is common to have these items stored away improperly or not disposed of properly. The chemical used in these supplies can actually accumulate in your home’s air over time! This would lead to build-up in increasingly poor air quality. A home’s heating and cooling system will have proper ventilation in all areas to make sure that air can be exchanged.

Mold Accumulation

Mold, by large, is a number one culprit for poor air quality. If you or a family member are feeling ill or nauseous or anything in general with no clear sign of why – there is a possibility that mold may be lurking inside your home. Having areas within your home that are prone to being damp or experience water damage may have mold growing in them right now. Mold can grow rapidly behind walls,s underneath floor coverings, and on furniture. In fact, you might not even know just how much mold is in your home!

Should you and your family be suffering from increased allergic reactions or issues consider getting a mold specialist in your home as soon as possible. Then, ensure your home has the proper methods of creating a dry and sterile environment with its HVAC system. Modern home heating and cooling systems will have higher grade air filters installed along with other solutions like ionized needlepoint filter units. All of which will stop mold from spreading within your home.

Poor Ventilation

In your home, ventilation may be poor or almost non-existent. From a dark, damp basement to other rooms where air intakes and exhausts may be clogged with dust or dirt, poor ventilation can trap indoor pollutants inside your home, making an already bad situation much worse.

Whether solving your poor air quality problems within your home involves calling in mold remediation experts, using an air purifier, or checking intakes/exhausts to make sure they’re functioning as needed, taking these steps will keep your air quality excellent, as well as help you and your family feel much better!

Dust and more…

Colorado has seen some rough days with the air quality about the city and neighborhoods. With recent wildfires that have swept through and carrying ash in the air to pollution and ozone warnings – the air quality has hardly been the freshest here in the mile high city. You probably even noticed your home needs a few more dusting sessions than normal and that is because of all the dust and more being carried by the air outside. We at Fox heating and cooling want to remind you that a filter for your HVAC system should be replaced every three to four months. And trust us when we say that this Summer has been absolutely rough on your HVAC filters. Let us get in there to service your home’s HVAC and even bring some other options to the table that might bring cleaner air into your home.

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