Denver Sees 100 Degrees Before Summer. Is it time for an air conditioner?
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Denver Sees 100 Degrees Before Summer. Is it time for an air conditioner?

Summer officially starts on June 21st. That is less than a week away now and you have undoubtedly just experienced a sweltering precursor over the weekend. Denver recorded the first 100degree day of the year on Saturday. This also happened to tie the earliest date it’s ever been that hot in the state. Way to go Denver!

Denver Experiences 100-degrees

According to the National Weather Service, Denver has only accrued 101 days where temperatures were recorded at 100-degrees! And the most 100-degree temperature days in a year happened in 2012. There was a reported total of 13 100-degree days that year. I’m not sure about everyone else in Denver but I feel those numbers are pretty low, as this time rolls around each year I dread the thought of having no air conditioner. Which is a pretty good segway into the point of this new… Is it time for your home to install an air conditioner?

What is the record temperature for Denver?

105-Degrees. In 2012, temperatures for Denver, Colorado reached 105-degrees which happens to be the city’s hottest recorded temperatures. In fact, in 2012 Denver reached that number twice!

There is still plenty of Summer left

Seeing as how Summer hasn’t officially hit, one could confidently say that there is plenty of hot weather in store for us all this year. But since it’s still not summer, there still may be time for homeowners and business owners to get prepared for the heatwaves we are about to endure. Installing an air conditioner before the official start of Summer is an efficient choice in both time and cost.

Summer is the hottest season for air conditioner installation

Pun intended. Summer is typically the time Fox Heating and Cooling see a large number of service calls for AC repair services and air conditioner install requests. With a large number of service requests to bring air conditioners into homes and businesses across Denver, there is going to be a long wait. Fox wants to make sure everyone who wants quality air comfort with an air conditioner can get one – and when they need it most. So if you are looking for an air conditioner installation quote or an air conditioning repair service do not hesitate to reach out.

Still Felt Like A 100-degrees? Ask for an AC Repair Service!

Did your air conditioner not keep up with last weekend’s heat? Did your home or business still feel like a 100-degrees despite it seemingly working hard? That is a telltale sign that you might need an ac repair service or simply an ac tune-up! If you as a homeowner or business owner have not scheduled a regular service call for your HVAC system you might be in need of Fox. We provide air conditioner repair services to get your level of air comfort back in control. There could be something as simple as replacing your air filters or something more serious. The chances are you will still need to contact an HVAC contractor or air conditioner professional to investigate.

Get an Air Conditioner!

Fox Heating and Cooling want to make sure every home in Denver, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and Westminster (plus all the others) is comfortable. Installing an air conditioner should be a top priority for homeowners that lack one. Please reach out with any questions or requests you have regarding an air conditioner or HVAC system!

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