Heat Pump Vs. Furnace: What heater works best for your home?
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Heat Pump Vs. Furnace: What heater works best for your home?

What are your choices for a heater?

If you are looking for a solution to heating your home, you will find that there are two options that are widely available to your Denver home. A gas furnace or a heat pump. But when it comes to Colorado weather, what is the best choice for you? A heat pump vs. furnace? The good news is regardless of your home’s current condition and utilities you will be able to get heat to the home. 

When making your choice of heating, as a homeowner you will need to consider these factors:

  • Natural gas vs. All-electric 
  • Existing Air Conditioning
  • Cost
  • Comfort
  • Lifespan

Natural Gas Vs. All-Electric Heating

A traditional furnace will use a home’s natural gas while an All-Electric heating system will operate as it sounds, with a home’s electricity. Therefore, depending on your home’s existing utilities will most likely determine your heating needs. 

If your home does not have any gas piping throughout, then the best choice would be to install a heat pump. However, traditional Colorado homes will most likely have gas piping installed. This can mean, as a Denver homeowner you will have the ability to choose either regardless of available utilities.

How much does a heat pump vs a furnace cost?

Initial costs for a furnace and a heat pump differ slightly. A heat pump will most likely cost more upfront, unlike the conventional gas furnace. However, in the long term course over some years, homeowners will likely see cost savings from eliminating gas use in their home and see a slight increase in electricity. This type of savings really comes down to the affordability of gas and electricity in your area. Some homes are in an area where gas is cheap while others find electricity is a more cost-effective solution. Regardless of the energy used to run your home’s heater, it is important to remember that costs for installation of either system will greatly increase if the home was not already designed and built with the pre-existing lines to connect it.

Is a heat pump better than a furnace?

While the heat pump is more efficient in its energy use than the gas furnace, a heat pump is more ideal for places that have a moderate winter temperature. Unlike Colorado where the winters can be particularly long a gas furnace will most likely be the best option.

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